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Frozen Neck Ring

M Model number TKTC-02M
L Model number TKTC-02L
DSP Model number TKTC-02DS
M JAN code 4949176055604
L JAN code 4949176055598
DSP JAN code 4949176055611

No electricity or water required. Cool and comfortable neck cooler!

It is an economical and eco-friendly product that can be used over and over again.

  • Cooling ring that freezes naturally below 28°C!
  • Can be used repeatedly, making it both eco-friendly and economical.
  • Since there is no condensation over time, there is no need to worry about water droplets getting your clothes wet.
  • Cools the neck to prevent heat stroke.
  • The cool and comfortable temperature is suitable for use by children and people with sensitivity to cold.
Outer material: TPU
Inner material: PCM
Melting point
Usage guideline
Approx. 1 - 2 hours (depending on ambient temperature)
Product size Inner diameter:100 / Outer diameter:140
Product weight 120±5g
Individual packaging size 200×20×270
Individual packaging weight 140g
Inner box size 420×280×140
Inner box weight 1,960g
Outer box size 590×440×310
Outer box weight 8,740g
Quantity / case 48(12×4)
Product size Inner diameter:120 / Outer diameter:165
Product weight 140±5g
Individual packaging size 200×20×270
Individual packaging weight 160g
Inner box size 420×280×140
Inner box weight 2,200g
Outer box size 590×440×310
Outer box weight 9,700g
Quantity / case 48(12×4)
DSP set
DSP size 205×75×655
DSP weight 1,200g
Inner box size 685×215×85
Inner box weight 1,500g
Outer box size 710×460×380
Outer box weight 12,800g
Quantity / case 8 sets (6 units on 1 sheet, M × 3 / L × 3)

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Ice Bag

Small JAN code 4949176099684
Large JAN code 4949176099677

Just fill with ice and water

Conventional ice bags that need to be cooled in a refrigerator take time to prepare.

When in a hurry, for toothache, headache, eyestrain, sprain, etc., a wide-mouthed ice bag is most convenient.

You just need to open the cap and fill it with water and ice, and the ice bag is ready so easily and quickly.

The silicone gasket prevents water leakage, and the polyester outer lining stops condensation to form.

In addition, the bag has a dual-layer structure for increased durability. It can also be folded, and is easy to carry.

Ice Bag has a wide mouth so it's easy to fill with relatively big ice cubes, saving your time to crush them. (Crush them only when ice cubes are very big.)

【How to use】
Open the cap, pour water in and then put ice in.
Close the cap and place it on the affected area.
(If the bag is too cold, place a towel, etc. between the bag and the affected area.)
(When putting in ice, sharp edges of ice cubes may damage the rubber inside. Round corners by immersing in water, etc. before putting ice in)
Cap:PS resin
Mouth ring:Aluminum
Outer lining:Polyester
Inner lining:Thermoplastic polyurethane
When not in use size 60×120
When not in use weight 92g
Individual packaging size 79×75×150
Individual packaging weight 92g
Outer box size 418×400×451
Outer box weight 5,600g
Quantity / case 50
When not in use size 60×200
When not in use weight 116g
Individual packaging size 79×75×150
Individual packaging weight 116g
Outer box size 418×400×451
Outer box weight 6,800g
Quantity / case 50

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Folding portable electric fan

Pink Model number TKSM-027P
Pink JAN code 4949176160902
White Model number TKSM-027W
White JAN code 4949176160919

Compact, folding, portable fan

It can be transformed to a stand-alone fan.

  • Light and easy to hold/use
  • It can be transformed to a stand-alone fan for indoor, desktop use.
  • Soft fan to prevent injury when in contact
Main body:ABS
AA size battery x 1 (sold separately)
Operating time guide
Approx. 4 hours (when an alkaline battery is used)
Main body, strap
Product size 38×40×114(folding)
Product weight 72g(no battery)
Individual packaging size 95×41×160
Individual packaging weight 90g
Inner box size 280×115×175
Inner box weight 1,250
Outer box size 380×310×390
Outer box weight 8,400g
Quantity / case 72(12×6)
DSP set
DSP size 188.5×85×558
DSP weight 1,350g
Inner box size 580×200×95
Inner box weight 1,700
Outer box size 600×430×320
Outer box weight 11,000g
Quantity / case 72(12×6)
6 sets(6 each color on 1 sheet)

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Smart Portable Fan

Blue Model number TKY-74B
Blue JAN code 4949176160896
White Model number TKY-74W
White JAN code 4949176160889

Reliable portable fan powered by brushless DC motor

2400mA large capacity battery enables long hours of cool air anywhere

  • With convenient neck strap
  • Light, easy-to-carry design
  • Stand enables indoor and desk-top use
  • 3 levels of airflow adjustment / Low - Med - High - Stop
  • Despite its mini size, the cover is removable enabling easy cleaning
  • Built-in lithium battery for USB charging
    Charging time: Approx. 2 - 3 hours
    Duration: Low/8 hours, Med/4 hours, High/2 hours
Battery capacity:2,400mAh
Rated power consumption:4W(MAX)
Body, stand, USB cable, user manual, neck strap
Product size Including stand:105×77×208
Body size:105×42×197
Product weight Including stand:230g
Body weight:200g
Individual packaging size 162×46×246
Individual packaging weight 338g
Inner box size 485×175×265
Inner box weight 3,800g
Outer box size 550×510×290
Outer box weight 12,200g
Quantity / case 30(10×3)

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Tundra Club Cooling Mist for Shirts 150mL

Model number TKTA-02
JAN code 4949176055178

Spray it on your shirt for a lasting cooling effect!

Spray Cooling Mist on your shirt and underwear for a lasting cooling sensation. You will feel the cooling sensation of menthol every time you sweat.

Cooling Mist for Shirts will be useful in the following situations:
Cool Biz (wear-less-in-summer campaign) with an aim to help prevent global warming To stay comfortable in the office, the government such as Ministry of Environment is promoting no-tie, no-jacket office wear in summer;
However, sometimes you need to wear them.
In such situations, you can use "Cooling Mist for Shirts" before you go to work. The cooling ingredient will help you stay comfortable You can use Cooling Mist in various places, for outdoor activities, sport, etc.
Ethanol, menthol, water
Product size 70×45×181
Product weight 166g
Individual packaging size 70×45×181
Individual packaging weight 170g
Inner box size 240×195×210
Inner box weight 2,250g
Outer box size 400×265×450
Outer box weight 9,600g
Quantity / case 48(12×4)

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Soft Cooling Pillow

Model number TKFU-002
JAN code 4949176052115

Non-freezing, soft and gentle cooling pillow

Special gel, which does not freeze when put in a freezer, is used.

The Soft Cooling Pillow does not freeze and stays soft.

Since the Pillow stays soft, it perfectly fits any part of your body.

Stays cool for approx. 8 hours.

【How to use】
Leave the Pillow in a freezer overnight.
Wrap the Pillow in a towel to adjust the temperature.
Replace the Pillow when it does not feel cool any more.
Gel:Water, antifreeze solution, gelling agent, preservative
Product size 285×175×29
Product weight 1,104g
Individual packaging size 320×30×185
Individual packaging weight 1,110g
Outer box size 340×290×170
Outer box weight 11,900g
Quantity / case 10

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