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Acupressure Massage Ball for Upper and Lower Back "Gurirakku"

Model number TKSM-028
JAN code 4949176099653

Concentrates on a single point to loosen tense muscle

Improves blood circulation to help you stay healthy

  • Loosen tense muscles in the upper & lower back, buttocks, etc. by placing the massage ball on the floor with a futon/cushion and apply your weight. You also can hold the massage ball in your hand to massage the front of your body.
  • Alternative to massage treatment or finger-pressure therapy
  • Helps improve blood circulation
  • Refreshes your muscles
  • Loosens tense muscles

Comes with a convenient handle to better reach and positioning

Set the ball on its base to use on the upper & lower back, soles of the feet, etc. The ball can be removed to use on the shoulders, arms, calves, etc.

Base:TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane)
Product size 70.5
Product weight 130g
Product size (When set on the base) 250×148×75
Product weight (When set on the base) 222g
Individual packaging size 155×L80×180
Individual packaging weight 300g
Inner box size 460×330×180
Inner box weight 3,300g
Outer box size 490×360×580
Outer box weight 10,700g
Quantity / case 30(10×3)

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Foot Sole Brushing Mat – Easy Foot Cleaner

Green Model number TKES-001G
Green JAN code 4949176055291
Pink Model number TKES-001P
Pink JAN code 4949176055307

Wash your hard to reach sole of the foot to stay clean and feel refreshed!

  • For skin exfoliation and odor prevention
  • Lathers well and cleans the sole of the foot thoroughly
  • Longer front brush cleans between toes thoroughly
  • Right amount of stimulation
  • The suckers on the back fix the mat securely.
  • Storage on a hook keeps the mat clean.
Heatresistant temperature
Product size 250×280×35
Product weight 約350g
Individual packaging size 290×40×345
Individual packaging weight 420g
Inner box size 565×325×310
Inner box weight 5,850g
Outer box size 585×335×650
Outer box weight 12,750g
Quantity / case 26(13×2)

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New Bamboo Foot Sole Massager (with Non-Slip Pads)

Model number TKY-73
JAN code 4949176099660

Improve the circulation of blood and stay healthy!

Stimulate the sole of the foot while on your feet doing chores. Healthy body starts from the sole of the foot!

  • Stand on the massager for 5 to 10 minutes every day.
  • Massage the sole of the foot to improve the circulation of blood to alleviate stiff muscles and fatigue.
  • All you need to do is to stand on it. It's easy to do -- Stand on it when you are in the kitchen, doing housework, and watching TV.
  • Effective if used continuously every day.
Polypropylene, elastomer
Individual packaging size 108×448×40
Individual packaging weight 287g
Inner box size 658×458×220
Inner box weight 8,860g
Outer box size 668×468×460
Outer box weight 18,220g
Quantity / case 60(30×2)

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Foldable Foot Bath with Heater

Model number TKSM-026
JAN code 4949176160858

Foldable for easy storage, with heating function

Foot bath at home made easy for everyday relaxing. The heating function keeps the temperature.

Its compact size is convenient for storage.

Heating function
The heater keeps the comfortable temperature (up to approx. 43℃)
Easily extended and folded. Only 8 cm thickness when folded.
Automatic switch-off timer (20 min.)
Bubble function for stimulating the soles of feet
Easy to operate
Start and stop with one button. Easy to operate.
2 safety features
Does not start until water is filled to a certain level to prevent malfunction, and comes with a supporter to prevent folding while in use.
Main body・Cover:PP
Folding part:TPR
Approx. 5 liters
Power supply
Power cord
Instruction manual
Product size 400×430×80〜200
Product weight 2,000g
Individual packaging size 407×445×103
Individual packaging weight 2,050g
Outer box size 435×415×470
Outer box weight 10,000g
Quantity / case 4

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Fumitake Massager Gurin-Gurin for Upper and Lower Back

Green Model number TKSM-021G
Green JAN code 4949176099516
Pink Model number TKSM-021P
Pink JAN code 4949176099585

Stay healthy by promoting blood circulation!

Massage the sole of your feet while doing small stand-up jobs. Let the soles of our feet make you healthy!

All new Fumitake massager is here. It can also be used on your upper and lower back with an office chair or on your sofa at home to promote blood circulation.

You just need to use it for 5 to 10 minutes every day.

Massage the soles of your feet or other parts of your body to promote blood circulation and alleviate stiff muscle and tiredness.

Just step on it or press your body against it. It's easy and convenient to use any time, for example, when you are working in the kitchen, while doing house chores, or while you are watching TV.

It's most effective if you continue using it every day.

It is also a convenient tool to massage your upper and lower back and for relaxing.

Made from sanitary antibacterial material.

Polypropylene(antibacterial material)
Load capacity
about 150kg
Product size 317×90×55
Product weight 180g
Individual packaging size 130×56×365
Individual packaging weight 190g
Outer box size 485×340×640
Outer box weight 14,000g
Quantity / case 50

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