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Hygiene / Health

Powerful Sterilizing Spray "ViruKiLL Water"

JAN code 4949176054645

Powerful sterilizing and deodorizing spray inhibits virus, bacteria and food poisoning easily

Sodium hypochlorite eliminates viruses and bacteria.
The special "buffering" formula makes the pH of sodium hypochlorite slightly acidic.
The sterilization ability of hypochlorous acid is maximized when its pH is adjusted to a weak acidity (between pH 4.5 and 6.5).
It is safe to use around people. [Patented] [Safety test implemented]
A sterilization test has proven that ViruKiLL Water is effective against very strong spore-forming bacteria.
ViruKiLL Water has a deodorizing effect.

※Can also be used to remove viruses that cannot be eliminated by alcohol.

※Milder than chlorine dioxide

※No Bleaching properties

The ingredient is safe and also used as a food additive.
This product has passed the drinking compliance test for 200ppm and 100ppm. This proves that this sterilizing and deodorizing water is safe when swallowed.
400mL(net amount)
Sodium hypochlorite (food additive), water
No. of use
About 500 times
Individual packaging size 100×57×205
Individual packaging weight 410g
Inner box size 216×173×219
Inner box weight 3,080g
Outer box size 453×366×239
Outer box weight 13,500g
Quantity / case 24(6×4)

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Weekly Medicine Organizer

Model number TKF-05
JAN code 4949176052436

Organizing medication for every meal prevents missed doses.

With Weekly Medicine Organizer, you can organize medication for a week according to meals and bedtime.

Unlike many other medicine organizers, Weekly Medicine Organizer allows you to separate medication according to before meal and after meal, enabling detailed management of medication.

Weekly Medicine Organizer provides 7 compartments per day (before/after breakfast, before/after lunch, before/after dinner, before bedtime).

It is light, easy to carry and can be stored in a small space.

Lid, body:Toughened polystyrene
Product size 277×258×36
Product weight 540g
Individual packaging size 283×38×265
Individual packaging weight 625g
Outer box size 406×296×552
Outer box weight 14,000g
Quantity / case 20

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