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High Concentration Fucoidan Supplement "Umi no Seimei"

JAN code 4949176100281

"Umi no Seimei" -- Power of Fucoidan Nurtured in the Sea

Fucoidan, extracted from natural mozuku seaweed from Okinawa, is uniquely combined with chaga mushroom (white birch reishi)

Nutritional supplement made from domestically harvested ingredients

Okinawa mozuku
Okinawa mozuku (scientific name: Cladosiphonokamuranus) is a brown alga that is classified under the family Chordariaceae and is a signature agricultural product of Ryukyu Islands. Okinawa mozuku has been eaten from old times but had a limited distribution and season before cultivation was established.
Cultivation technologies have been developed since the 1970s, and today approximately 20,000 tons of mozuku is cultivated annually in Japan, over 90% of which is from Okinawa.
Okinawa mozuku has a higher fucoidan content with less impurities, such as alginic acid, and is an excellent source of high-purity fucoidan. Because raw algae have a high water content, processed mozuku products are highly valued.
Chaga mushroom
Chaga mushroom is called Kabanoanatake in Japan, which is also referred to as Siberian reishi. Closely related to reishi (bracket fungi), it lives on betulaceae trees such as white birch and Erman's birch.
It is said that you can only find one mushroom among 20,000 white birch trees and thus is an "elusive mushroom", both valuable and rare. A full-day's search in the mountains may yield only a single mushroom or even none.
Chaga mushroom is also called "miracle mushroom", "forest diamond" and "forest miracle".
Furthermore, chaga mushrooms that are used in Umi no Seimei are all high-quality and harvested in Japan (Hokkaido).
Price(tax included)
Raw materials
Mozuku extract, chaga mushroom/HPMC
Content weight
55.44 g(308 mg × 180 capsules)
Country of origin
Nutrition information(per tablet/308 mg)
Calorie:0.96 kcal
Protein:0.003 g
Fat:0.003 g
Carbohydrate:0.23 g
Sodium chloride equivalent:0.02 g
Expiration date
3 years after manufacturing date
Individual packaging size 55×55×110
Individual packaging weight 206g
Outer box size 320×260×135
Outer box weight 4,550g
Quantity / case 20

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