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Supporter / Belt

No-Pain Hallux Valgus Toe Supporters (2 pieces)
(Model number:TKKT-03 / JAN code:4949176099523)

No Pressure on Instep - Comfortable to wear for an extended time

If you develop hallux valgus, your weight concentrates in one area of your foot, resulting in a twist in the body and unstable gait. If this state continues, you may end up having issues in your knees, backs and shoulders.

  • A spreader made from soft and comfortable material will spread the gap between the first and second toes.
  • The protection cover will protect your foot from rubbing against the shoes, etc.
  • The supporter is thin and in a neutral color, and you can use it inside socks, sneakers, etc.
  • Easy to wear: Just put the supporter on your first toe.
  • Made from a soft, elastic and comfortable material: Comfortable to wear for an extended time.

Specification / product size

For both left and right foot
Thermoplastic elastomer
Product size 85×40×25
Individual packaging size 90×25×148
Individual packaging weight 38g
Inner box size 190×160×160
Inner box weight 550g
Outer box size 510×410×350
Outer box weight 7,950g
Quantity/case 144(12×12)

Hallux Valgus Supporter W 2 pieces
(Model number:TKR-17 / JAN code:4949176099196)

The Hallux Valgus Supporter includes a spreader sponge that separates the big toe.

With hallux valgus, the weight of the body is concentrated in one place on the foot, resulting in a postural twist and unstable gait.

An unstable gait, if left untreated, will result in abnormalities of the knees, back and shoulders.

Hallux Valgus Supporter moves the toes to the normal position by supporting the loose metatarsal ligament with a thin but powerful power net.

The sponge rubber in the net pushes back the valgus big toe to its normal position. The net is thin and can be worn inside socks and sneakers.

The fabric is breathable and helps your feet feel fresh.

The balance of the arch to the big toe is maintained, providing support for the metatarsal joint.

Specification / product size

Nylon, polyurethane, urethane rubber
One supporter fits both left and right
Individual packaging size 90×23×185
Individual packaging weight 34g
Inner box size 320×150×100
Inner box weight 750g
Outer box size 350×330×545
Outer box weight 8,300g
Quantity/case 120(12×10)

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