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Oral Care


Electric Eraser for Teeth - Tooth Bright

Whiten teeth by removing stains on teeth surface
High-speed vibration & melamine sponge will remove stains on teeth surface smoothly.

Microporous material and vibration of 10,000 times per minute

  • Stains are left on the surface of the teeth from daily eating and drinking. *Coffee, wine, English tea, green tea, curry, etc.
  • A special material is used. [Microporous material] *Melamine sponge
  • Convenient as it can be used like an electronic tooth brush.
  • Change the head's angle to easily to reach the areas you wish to whiten
  • A slim unit that can be smartly stored in a washroom.

Ingredients / product size

ABS, TPE, melamine
AAA alkaline battery x 1 (not included)
blister pack:1 replacement head is included (Containing total of 2 heads including the head attached to the main unit.)
Replacement:Replacement heads 2 pieces
blister pack(Model number:TKFSE-002 / JAN code:4949176151948)
Body size 20×26×155
Body weight 22g
Individual packaging size 60×28×215
Individual packaging weight 35g
Inner box size 130×178×240
Inner box weight 500g
Outer box size 410×376×260
Outer box weight 3,800g
Quantity/case 72(12×6)
DSP set(Model number:TKFSE-002DS / JAN code:4949176151955)
DSP size 134×75×520
DSP weight 800g
Inner bag size 140×80×520
Inner bag weight 800g
Outer box size 530×345×323
Outer box weight 5,600g
Quantity/case 6 sets (12 units on 1 board)
For replacement(Model number:TKFSE-002K / JAN code:4949176151962)
Body size 12×25×45
Body weight 2g
Product size 42×160×15
Product weight 15g
Inner box size 94×100×170
Inner box weight 280g
Outer box size 300×220×360
Outer box weight 4,100g
Quantity/case 144(12×12)

UV Denture Cleaner
(Model number:TKSM-023 / JAN code:4949176054959)

Cleaner denture with disinfecting UV light

Vibration removes contaminants, and the container can also be used for storage. Accessories can be washed as well.
The power light shows whether the device is on or not.

◆Light and compact
Light, compact, and easy to carry.
◆Built-in disinfecting UV light
Provides two functions: Disinfecting UV light and vibration.
◆Automatic turn-off timer (5 min.)
Comes with an automatic turn-off timer (5 min.) in case you forget to turn off the switch.
◆Suction pad to fix the cleaner
Fixed with a suction pad to prevent the cleaner from being moved by vibration.
◆Can be used for items other than dentures
Can be used to clean items other than dentures, such as accessories (made with metals that can be wet).


  • This product is not water-resistant. Do not wet the product except for the container.
  • The container is not antibacterial-treated. Please wash the container thoroughly after overnight use.
  • Please remove batteries if the product is not used for a while.
  • Timer length may vary slightly depending on the batteries used.

Ingredients / product size

Main unit / ABS resin
Container / AS resin
Suction pad / Silicon rubber
AA battery x 2 (not included)
Container capacity
Approx. 160㏄
Product size 90×95×89
Product weight 146g
Individual packaging size 96×100×100
Individual packaging weight 180g
Inner box size 298×210×110
Inner box weight 1,300g
Outer box size 440×318×460
Outer box weight 11,000g
Quantity/case 48(6×8)

Dental Spirit EX

Round head can be used at any angle!

You can move Dental Spirit freely and reach the back teeth easily.

The round head can be moved in any direction.

Very fine fibers enable you to reach and brush between the teeth.

Flexible handle is easy to hold

Once the bristle tips open, the effectiveness of a toothbrush is reduced greatly.

It is more effective to replace toothbrushes regularly by purchasing toothbrushes at a reasonable price than to use an expensive toothbrush for a long time.

Ingredients / product size

Hard part:polypropylene、Soft part:TPE
Saturated polyester resin
Hardness of bristle
Heatresistant temperature
Blue(Model number:TKFSE-001B / JAN code:4949176151856)
Pink(Model number:TKFSE-001P / JAN code:4949176151863)
Product size 16×22×190
Product weight 18g
Individual packaging size 42×21×236
Individual packaging weight 10.5g
Inner box size 125×70×240
Inner box weight 246g
Outer box size 400×300×260
Outer box weight 3,500g
Quantity/case 144(12×12)
DSP set(Model number:TKFSE-001DS / JAN code:4949176151900)
DSP size 189×65×638
DSP weight 392g
Inner box size 645×200×75
Inner box weight 600g
Outer box size 665×410×385
Outer box weight 7,000g
Quantity/case 10 sets (24 units on 1 sheet = B/P 12 units each)

Toothwiper Whitening Sheet (10 sheets)
(Model number:TKH-008 / JAN code:4949176151832)

Make your tooth white and clean by wiping them with Toothwiper.

Toothwiper is a sheet-type mouth cleaner that is convenient to use when you don’t have time to brush your teeth before leaving the house or before business meetings.
Toothwiper also has whitening effect to help your teeth to stay white.

・Quickly wipe your teeth with Toothwiper when you don’t have time to brush.

・Toothwiper comes in a pocket-size pack and is convenient and easy to carry.

・Toothwiper removes stickiness and stains on teeth and inside the mouth, prevents bad breath, and keeps the mouth clean.

【How to use】
・Take out a sheet, and gently wipe the teeth and inside the mouth.
・Do not rub the tongue and gum with excessive force.
・There is no need to rinse with water after using Toothwiper.
・Brushing is more effective to remove stains than wiping. It is recommended to brush the teeth as usual.

Toothwiper contains polyphosphoric acid as a cleanser, has mint scent and uses no abrasive.

Quantity 10 sheets (25mL)

Ingredients / product size

Water, ethanol, PG, methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, cetylpyridinium chloride, xylitol, sorbitol, polyphosphoric acid Na, menthol, protease, mint fragrance
Product size 80×15×172
Product weight 45g
Inner box size 170×105×180
Inner box weight 840g
Outer box size 662×365×195
Outer box weight 10,880g
Quantity/case 144(12×12)
DSP set(Model number:TKH-008DS / JAN code:4949176151849)
DSP size 175×45×445
DSP weight 840g
Inner box size 460×185×65
Inner box weight 1,040g
Outer box size 480×395×450
Outer box weight 12,480g
Quantity/case 12 sets (12 units on 1 board)

ToothTick Shine
(Model number:TKCB-006 / JAN code:4949176151665)

Make your smile sparkle by applying ToothTick Shine to your teeth and rinsing it off.

ToothTick Shine is easy to use on teeth stained from food and drinks and from cigarette tar. Just apply it with the easy-to-use soft brush; It’s like using a pen.

You can easily reach behind and between the teeth, which cannot be easily reached using a tooth brush.

No damage to the teeth as no abrasive is used.

Recommended for:

  • Stains from cigarette tar
  • Stains from coffee, wine, etc.
  • Yellow teeth
  • Oral odor

Ingredients / product size

Glycerin, water, ethanol, protease, cellulose gum, sodium citrate, citric acid, potassium hydroxide, disodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, EDTA-4Na, sodium polyphosphate, phenoxyethanol, fragrance
Product size 129×13
Product weight 14.2g
Individual packaging size 60×13.5×190
Individual packaging weight 20g
Inner box size 63×77.5×195
Inner box weight 220g
Outer box size 340×320×230
Outer box weight 4,570g
Quantity/case 120(6×20)
DSP set(Model number:TKCB-006DS / JAN code:4949176151672)
DSP size 145×45×515
DSP weight 640g
Inner box size 545×175×60
Inner box weight 900g
Outer box size 575×390×330
Outer box weight 9,800g
Quantity/case 10 sets (12 units on 1 sheet)

Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner

Ultrasonic wave cleans dentures.

The amazing power of the ultrasonic frequency 50,000Hz removes impurities that are not visible to the eye.

【Quick denture cleaning with ultrasonic power】
Ultrahigh-speed oscillating waves - 50,000 per minute - clean every corner of the dentures.
Stains and plaque that cannot be cleaned with water and cleaning agents will be removed.

【Non-complicated operation】
Just put water and dentures in the cleaning cup, and press the button once to start cleaning. The cleaner will turn itself off after three minutes.

【Compact design doesn’t take up space】
The cleaner is so compact that you can even put two of them in the bathroom.

【Separate parts make the maintenance easy】
The cleaning-cup part can be conveniently removed from the bottom when you want to wash the cup.

【Colored, translucent lid】
A sensible design to hide the dentures placed inside.

Ingredients / product size

Body: ABS, Lid: AS, Cleaning cup: stainless steel
Power supply
100VAC (50/60Hz)
12VDC, 1.5A
Power consumption
Rated time
3 minutes
AC adapter
Pink(Model number:TKSM-008(P) / JAN code:4949176160612)
White(Model number:TKSM-008(W) / JAN code:4949176160605)
Product size 103×100.5×91.5
Product weight 310g
(excluding the adapter)
Individual packaging 105×147×93
Individual packaging weight 460g
Inner box size 330×310×113
Inner box weight 3kg
Outer box size 350×310×472
Outer box weight 12.5kg
Quantity/case 24(6×4)

Denture Cleaning Solution 50 ml
(Model number:TKFU-007 / JAN code:4949176054003)

Eliminates 99.9% of bacteria -- Eliminates bacteria and removes odors and stains from dentures.

The Denture Cleaning Solution deodorizes and freshens dentures.

●It is important to take care of dentures.

The Denture Cleaning Solution includes an antibacterial ingredient, effectively removing unwanted bacteria and preventing mouth odor and contamination of the gums.

Place your dentures in a cup with several drops of the Denture Cleaning Solution and leave them overnight.

Persistent stains can be removed by directly applying the Solution and brushing them.

Includes an antibacterial ingredient, CPC, effective against 99.9% of bacteria (tested by Hygiene & Microbiology Research Center).

Use of the Denture Cleaning Solution is recommended with the Ultrasonic Denture Cleaner to remove bacteria more effectively and keep your dentures clean.

Ingredients / product size

Sanitization agent(Cetylpyridinium Chloride), Enzyme, Surfactant, Preservative, Ethanol, Water, Pigment, Fragrance
Product size 32×32×122
Product weight 72g
Inner box size 135×102×135
Inner box weight 930g
Outer box size 550×290×150
Outer box weight 9,800g
Quantity/case 120(12×10)

ToothTick Double
(Model number:TKSA-03 / JAN code:4949176151566)

An eraser to whiten your teeth

Use ToothTick Double to remove tough stains such as tea, coffee, wine and cigarette tar.

Round-shaped abrasive particles prevent your teeth from being damaged and are safe to be used on tough stains.

ToothTick Double provides two applicators to be used; one for whole teeth, the other for between teeth and small spots.

The flat applicator has a wedge shape to make it easier for you to press against the teeth and is suitable for effectively removing stains from large, flat surfaces of the teeth.

The fine-tip applicator is best suited for gaps between teeth and small stained areas.

ToothTick Double contains Xylitol for cavity prevention.

The natural mint fragrance lasts long after use.

Ingredients / product size

ABS resin, polystyrene, silicone rubber, abrasive (silica), natural mint, xylitol
Product size 9×9×113
Product weight 5.5g
Individual packaging size 60×14×190
Individual packaging weight 19.1g
Inner box size 63×155×195
Inner box weight 407g
Outer box size 340×320×230
Outer box weight 4,570g
Quantity/case 120(12×10)
DSP set(Model number:TKSA-03DS / JAN code:4949176151573)
DSP size 145×45×515
DSP weight 430g
Outer box size 530×450×155
Outer box weight 4,810g
Quantity/case 10 sets (12 units on 1 sheet)

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